VIRTUAL TOUR: A Burial Place Like No Other in Nagcarlan

Text and Photos by Euden Valdez

THE PHILIPPINES is a country of historical treasures—century old churches, ancestral houses, olden town centers and cultural establishments, among many others.

In Nagarcalan, Laguna, a prized historical landmark lies under the ground, silently and solemnly for it is a resting place for the dead.

Ordered built in 1845 by Franciscan Fr. Vicente Velloc, the Nagcarlan Undergound Cemetery is an octagonal enclave of stone and brick walls with wrought iron windows. A total of 276 are buried, of which 36 are located in an underground crypt.

Traveling Journo Ph saw firsthand this unique structure that has once been the chosen burial place of Nagcarlan’s privileged people. Today, it serves as a tourist destination for visitors of the hilly town south of Metro Manila.

Look at the photos of and know more about the underground cemetery below.

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