IN PHOTOS: A South Korean Fishing Village


WINTER is not the best time to hit the beach, but the sight of it waters—turning almost teal in this season—is enough to charm. 

Last December during a media familiarization tour of Gangwon province in South Korea, this author saw how Youngjin Beach remained busy from tourists. It’s a bit popular for the fact that it served as setting to the global K-drama hit “Goblin” featuring the famous Gong Yoo. In one of its many breakwaters, an important scene took place and many locals and foreigners were trying to recreate it. 

But this wasn’t what really caught my attention.

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Winter in Gangwon, South Korea? Check Out These 10 Countryside Sights


NEXT to Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, South Korea is fast becoming a favorite Asian destination among Filipinos young and old.

This trend came along with Hallyu, the global Korean phenomenon that has transformed countless Filipinos into fans of K-pop and K-drama. Many of these Filipino fans want to feel closer to their idols so they travel to South Korea to see what their idols see, to do what they do, to eat what they eat, and the likes.

Most of the time, these Filipinos want to return and look for something new. The Korean Tourism Organization (KTO) in the Philippines is pushing for a winter experience in their country. And not just in Seoul, but somewhere they can truly immerse in the season of snow.

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5 Reasons to Visit the Countryside During Winter in South Korea


As Filipinos, we are familiar only with summer and rainy days, which can be really extreme in a tropical country. It’s either scorching hot or very wet. So we can only imagine how it feels to live with four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. 

But when we do, winter is the season that makes us so dreamy. Oh how beautiful those landscape all white and covered in snow. How surreal it may be to feel the winter cold and most especially, to see snow falling.

In December, this author was sent to South Korea for work and it was winter. As part of a familiarization tour arranged by the Korean Tourism Organization in the Philippines, I got to experience snow season at one of the nation’s finest provinces, Gangwon.

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