Music that Enriches from ‘Mandiriwa’ Joey Ayala

TICKETS to concerts of famous, foreign musical acts are pricey (if not overpriced) for many reasons. There’s the grand stage set-up with pyrotechnics and lighting effects, the different costume changes, the many back-up dancers/singers, the state-of-the-art musical instruments and sound engineers, and all the other logistics. Most importantly, there’s the much-awaited idols, like Madonna, Coldplay, Britney Spears, Chris Botti and Sting, etc. All had VIP tickets ranging from P20,000 to P60,000.

This is the formula of a sold-out and entertaining concert in westernized, colonized Philippines.

But what about a concert in an intimate venue where guests can cozily enjoy music (while sipping beer, yeah). A concert stripped down of all elaborate designs, props and back-ups. A concert featuring ethnic instruments that are part of our culture. A concert revealing our identity as Filipinos through indigenous music and ingenious lyrics.

This, on the other hand, is the formula of Joey Ayala’s “Mandiriwa” concert held last September 18 at the Music Museum.

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