What Two Pairs of Running Shoes Taught Me


I hope this won’t bore you but I’m going to talk about shoes—and a lot about myself through shoes.

I come from a middle-class family who always have just about enough, if not less. Growing up as a student, I remember the only time I would be bought a new pair of shoes was before the school began. I had other pairs apart from the leather ones but these weren’t many.

Today, in a span of two weeks, I bought myself two pairs of running shoes, costing about P10,000, for my upcoming, first marathon in February. I don’t mean to brag because in reality—well my share of reality—that amount is already a luxury. It wasn’t intended rather the result of careless choices.

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Two Destinations, One Changed Person


“Sometimes you need to fill the heart only to be hollowed out.” 

– seen in a Korean TV show

EIGHT years ago, I penned a story about an innocent, young love that hurt. Today, I am writing yet another love story, not so innocent anymore, but still hurt. And as fate would have it, these two tales become one despite being worlds apart.

Was I being played by chances? Or was I being fooled by my stakes? I couldn’t find answers only confusion. Until I found myself battling my inner demons.

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Did I Grow Too Old for UP Fair?


​OR did it change tremendously?

I had been going to UP Fair since my college days with my best girl friends. After graduating from PUP, another state university, I adapted UP Fair as my annual Valentine’s Day celebration as a single woman. At some instances, I’d even go on February 14 itself, but always, with the company of women.

This year, I was more than excited for Roots, the closing music festival last February 17. I was determined not to miss it because the line-up was just awesome.

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2018, No More Planning


DID you know that when 2017 began, I had my life so planned out?

I told myself I would finish three short stories and start a business venture. I was well set on these goals that by the end of 2016, I had a meticulous list of task to accomplish, timelines to meet, and steps to follow.

But 2017 took a whole new turn and a life of its own. What was planned never actually happened. What happened was my passion for volunteerism got nurtured, and my love for traveling took greater heights —quite literally.

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