‘Pan de Salawal’ Will Leave You Smiling After Watching


THESPIAN Bodjie Pascua returned to the big screen in this year’s Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival. Starring in the full-length entry “Pan de Salawal” (The Sweet Taste of Salted Bread and Undies), Pascua portrayed Sal, an ageing baker who has lost the will to live after being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease.

While his character was a far cry from the jolly, lively Kuya Bodjie we used to know in a kiddie TV show, Pascua managed to warm the hearts of Cinemalaya audiences with the help of 7-year-old child actor Miel Espinosa.

The tandem of Sal (Pascua) and Aguy (Espinosa) showed how one’s “dying” outlook in life could change with a just a “little” nudge.

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