Goodness Continues at Human Nature with these Healthy, Mindful Picks

(Text from Human Heart Nature; Photos by Euden Valdez)

HUMAN NATURE, the country’s largest social enterprise, now also serves as a distribution hub for fellow homegrown social enterprises that share its gold standards: sustainably-made items, locally-sourced raw materials, and ethical business practices.

These social enterprises also go beyond uplifting partner communities by producing world-class products that showcase the best of the Philippines.

“Everyone will enjoy the items from our partner social enterprises! Each delicious snack and refreshing drink encapsulates the best of the Philippines. It will give you the warmth of Filipino hospitality, like getting a taste of home wherever you are. Even when you’re stuck in your office or just cozying up at home.” Coco Castro-Cruz, Human Nature’s Category Manager for Social Enterprise Development shared.

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