Where Do You Want Your Art: In the Park or in Poblacion? Or Both!

ART continues to thrive in Makati City’s public places. This month alone, two art events are taking place: one a long-running festival, and the other, on a first of its kind auction; but both, a showcase of local and foreign art in all forms imaginable, as well as a gathering of artists, collectors, enthusiasts, students, stakeholders and everyone into art. 

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9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss the 9th ManilArt

Text By Euden Valdez; Photos from ManilArt.org

BECAUSE of the Philippines’ rich history, diverse influences and unique cultures, its art is as equally rich, diverse and unique.

This is what ManilArt has been showcasing since its first outing in 2009, a time when the modern-day Philippine art revolution was just beginning.

As it opens its ninth edition come October 12, the international art fair portrays the role of Philippine art in expanding the artistic frontiers of Southeast Asia, said the National Commission on Culture and Arts in a press statement.

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