Camiguin May Be PH’s Next Best Diving Destination – Says Cebuano Diver


BO MANCAO is not just a diver by heart but also by blood—if there’s such a thing. After all, he was born into and raised by a family of divers from Cebu, one of the most renowned dive destinations in the Philippines.

The country being an archipelago teeming with marine treasures, Mancao naturally ventured out of his hometown, discovering other sites in nearby and faraway island provinces. Camiguin was one of them. He was still young when he first discovered and explored the waters of Camiguin together with his father back in the 90s.

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#FetePH25 Opens this Friday – Here Are 6 Things to Watch Out For

(From Alliance Française de Manille)

SINCE its very first staging in Paris in June 1982, Fête de la Musique has become an international phenomenon that continues to promote music through a free-for-all event in more than 700 cities in 120 countries every year.

In the Philippines, Fête de la Musique is celebrating its 25th year of showcasing the best of the best in the local music scene, while providing a cross cultural experience between the Filipino and French people thereby forging friendships and building a community.

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Cinemalaya 2019’s Short Film Finalists Revealed

(From the Cultural Center of the Philippines)

THE Cultural Center of the Philippines and Cinemalaya Foundation Inc. announce the finalists for the Short Film Category of the 2019 Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival.

From 168 submitted entries, the selection committee, composed of Nick Deocampo, Teddy Co, Milo Sogueco, Alvin Yapan and Law Fajardo, narrowed down the list and confirmed the 10 finalists.

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From Farm to Forest to Sea: 3 New Destinations to Visit in Oriental Mindoro


PUERTO GALERA is the first destination that comes to mind whenever thinking of traveling to Oriental Mindoro. However, the town famed for its beaches has its significant share of tourist arrivals from both the country and abroad.

It’s time to discover what else lies beyond Puerto Galera, going south and throughout the province of Oriental Mindoro—especially with the newly launched #ByahengOrMin campaign.

A project of the Provincial Tourism, Investment, and Enterprise Development Office (PTIEDO), #ByahengOrMin is just the beginning of province’s long-term goal to become the leading agri-eco-tourism destination in MIMAROPA by 2025.

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Dong-Elay’s: The Homey-est Homestay in Maligcong


IT was barely two weeks before the set dates and we at RAK Ph Mountaineers were still deciding on a destination to climb—this after months of trying but failing to form a team for a major climb.

It had to be something easy, something we can accomplish in a weekend. Yet it had to be in the Cordilleras, home to our most loved mountains in Northern Luzon.

​It had to be a “chill climb”and Mts. Kupapey and Fato in Brgy. Maligcong, Bontoc town in Mountain Province fit the bill. We would sidetrip to the community’s Maligcong Rice Terraces too. 

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5 Ways to Experience the Charm of Corregidor


LOCATED off the coasts of Bataan and Cavite, right at the mouth of Manila Bay, the island of Corregidor served as the focal point of naval defenses of the Philippine and American forces against Japanese troops during World War II. After days of bloody battle, the former surrendered Corregidor to the latter in 1942, heralding Japan’s reign in the country.

With such remarkable history, many have come to Corregidor lured by tales of ghosts and haunting. After all, its storied ruins and defunct armory tell of turbulent battles; while its dark tunnels form shadows and reverberate with echoes.

But beyond the history that it bore witness to and the remnants of this gloried past, what is Corregidor’s charm to us today? ​

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Celebrating Women and Literature at CCP this March

(From the Cultural Center of the Philippines)

IN this year’s celebration of Women’s Month, the Cultural Center of the Philippines will showcase the creativity and talent of women playwrights.

From March 15 to 16, the CCP, in cooperation with Women Playwrights International-Philippines, will host READATHON: Dramatic Reading of Plays by Women 2019 at the Silangan Hall, Cultural Center of the Philippines, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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IN PHOTOS: A South Korean Fishing Village


WINTER is not the best time to hit the beach, but the sight of it waters—turning almost teal in this season—is enough to charm. 

Last December during a media familiarization tour of Gangwon province in South Korea, this author saw how Youngjin Beach remained busy from tourists. It’s a bit popular for the fact that it served as setting to the global K-drama hit “Goblin” featuring the famous Gong Yoo. In one of its many breakwaters, an important scene took place and many locals and foreigners were trying to recreate it. 

But this wasn’t what really caught my attention.

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Winter in Gangwon, South Korea? Check Out These 10 Countryside Sights


NEXT to Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, South Korea is fast becoming a favorite Asian destination among Filipinos young and old.

This trend came along with Hallyu, the global Korean phenomenon that has transformed countless Filipinos into fans of K-pop and K-drama. Many of these Filipino fans want to feel closer to their idols so they travel to South Korea to see what their idols see, to do what they do, to eat what they eat, and the likes.

Most of the time, these Filipinos want to return and look for something new. The Korean Tourism Organization (KTO) in the Philippines is pushing for a winter experience in their country. And not just in Seoul, but somewhere they can truly immerse in the season of snow.

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5 Reasons to Visit the Countryside During Winter in South Korea


As Filipinos, we are familiar only with summer and rainy days, which can be really extreme in a tropical country. It’s either scorching hot or very wet. So we can only imagine how it feels to live with four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. 

But when we do, winter is the season that makes us so dreamy. Oh how beautiful those landscape all white and covered in snow. How surreal it may be to feel the winter cold and most especially, to see snow falling.

In December, this author was sent to South Korea for work and it was winter. As part of a familiarization tour arranged by the Korean Tourism Organization in the Philippines, I got to experience snow season at one of the nation’s finest provinces, Gangwon.

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