About TJPh

Traveling Journo Philippines is fueled by the natural wonders, cultural treasures, and sensorial discoveries of traveling in the Philippines and beyond.

In the beginning, it was just a three-word phrase that resonated its author’s passion in writing and traveling combined. Then, Traveling Journo Philippines (TJPh) sounded so surreal.

Now, TJPh finally takes a tangible form through this website—somewhere it is accessible for all.

Join TJPH as it Journeys locally and regionally around Asia in search of unique travel and outdoor stories; share Advocacies & Actions from various volunteer and environmental work; and lastly, get up close and personal with Essays & Passions.

Meet the Author

Euden Valdez is the author behind Traveling Journo Ph. ​She is a former dyarista for a national daily, and now a digitista currently writing and editing for an online news site.