As Writer as it Gets

By Euden Valdez

I’M a writer. And it shows in a lot of ways. One that’s simple and as writer as it gets is collecting notebooks.

The three in the picture are my current constants: 1. A folio notebook, which is a gift from a friend who knows me so well. It has been used and abused for I guess about four years already. It’s refillable with pocket inserts so I can keep lots of stuff and trinkets inside it; 2. My 2020 CBTL planner, which also doubles as my bullet journal. It’s so functional for me because there is so much space for writing and planning. For the record, this is one and only café planner that I “collected” because it’s refillable and created by the same makers of my folio notebook; And 3. My notebook from work, which I use on the job and for other jobs particularly my volunteer work.

I have about five more in all sizes that are currently being used according to purpose, and according to reach, meaning which is nearest when there’s something I need to write. Then inside my “baul,” I think I have over 20 unused ones on top of the ones I’ve already filled (used for work as well as journals since childhood, among others, throughout the decades).

It’s plain and simple. I love writing that I love collecting notebooks. But more than collecting these, it’s the actual process of writing with my hands on paper that I enjoy, even with digitization of writing.

My love for stickers can also be connected to my love for writing. Stickers are a form of expression, just like how writing is. Take a a look at my folio journal as an example. It’s my first-ever “adult mood board.”

Last by not the least, I had Rizal’s signature tattooed on my hand because like him, I’m a writer as well.

While he aspired to liberate the country with the power of the pen, I am one who can only aspire to change something or someone for the better even in the littlest or simplest way.

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