IN PHOTOS: A South Korean Fishing Village


WINTER is not the best time to hit the beach, but the sight of it waters—turning almost teal in this season—is enough to charm. 

Last December during a media familiarization tour of Gangwon province in South Korea, this author saw how Youngjin Beach remained busy from tourists. It’s a bit popular for the fact that it served as setting to the global K-drama hit “Goblin” featuring the famous Gong Yoo. In one of its many breakwaters, an important scene took place and many locals and foreigners were trying to recreate it. 

But this wasn’t what really caught my attention.

Back inside the bus, the window tint gave a natural filter to the coastline as we traveled to the next destination, the fishing village and port at Sodol Adeulbawi Park. The park itself is rich in tradition and history for Korean couples go here to wish for a child.

The scene going there gave a different perspective of the coastline and countryside, and of South Korea’s quaintness too. I didn’t let the chance to capture this go past me. Here are the photos through the tinted window of a moving bus:

​Passing by a church atop a little hill. 

Dried fish and squid on stalls that line the street. 

A red watchtower looms from the port. 

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