Two Destinations, One Changed Person


“Sometimes you need to fill the heart only to be hollowed out.” 

– seen in a Korean TV show

EIGHT years ago, I penned a story about an innocent, young love that hurt. Today, I am writing yet another love story, not so innocent anymore, but still hurt. And as fate would have it, these two tales become one despite being worlds apart.

Was I being played by chances? Or was I being fooled by my stakes? I couldn’t find answers only confusion. Until I found myself battling my inner demons.

Needless to say, March had been so tough. But then it brought me to two different places with different personalities, experiences and situations—which were thankfully all for the better. The first was a mighty, magical mountain while the second was an engaging, enriching island: Mt. Palali of Nueva Vizcaya, and Palaui Island of Cagayan, respectively.

Both offered moments of solitude, of introspection, of facing those demons once more and finally, putting them where they belong. Back to the shadows as I cast my own light. I was changed and these I learned:

For all the people and places, be grateful. I never would have found all of them.

For all the moments spent together, be sorrowful. They were only good while they lasted.

For all the pain, don’t be remorseful. Choices are made, for which I couldn’t control. So let go.

For all the tears, just be crying. They would cease so let them well up and flow, over and over again.

For all the mistakes, be forgiving. Even I made even if without intent.

For all the memories, don’t be regretting. They would serve as reminders of what I had endured.

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