2018, No More Planning


DID you know that when 2017 began, I had my life so planned out?

I told myself I would finish three short stories and start a business venture. I was well set on these goals that by the end of 2016, I had a meticulous list of task to accomplish, timelines to meet, and steps to follow.

But 2017 took a whole new turn and a life of its own. What was planned never actually happened. What happened was my passion for volunteerism got nurtured, and my love for traveling took greater heights —quite literally.

This lit in me a fire to make a change in the lives of marginalized, remote Filipinos, even through random, or otherwise, acts of kindness, all the while appreciating and protecting the beauty of Philippine mountains. I got glued. I was enamored to the adventures and advocacies as much as endeared to like-minded people.

So from having it planned, that became my unplanned 2017.

This 2018 is no different because there was no planning whatsoever involved.

By the time 2017 was closing, my life was falling out of place and everything was a mess. I never got to plan such goals for I was busy sulking when not pretending to be okay.

What little things I was able to plan before this tide didn’t go as much planned either.

So brought me the question: Why bother planning anyway?

My mother would totally disagree and give me a dose of “sermon” about how I should be making my life better.

But I had learned my lesson. This desire for everything to go as planned, even wished, only made one’s heart restless.

The result, I got sick. Psychosomatic kind of sick, a good confidant told me. I agreed.

As I wrote this, I was just recovering from a viral infection and a volatile attitude, but also trying to be optimistic again. Like how a good friend advised to me to look things in a different perspective.

Sure. I can even convince myself that it’s better to embrace rough times now! At least I have 10 more months to recover!

But easier said than done. We can only do so much. So we should!

And honestly, there are things I want to be doing again this 2018. I’ll begin with what I have just done here.

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