Why Cagraray Island is Bicol’s Underrated Paradise

Text and Photos by Euden Valdez

BICOL Region is a favorite among Pinoy beach lovers for its two beautiful islands: Caramoan of Camarines Sur and Calaguas of Camarines Norte. But there is another beach paradise that is still under their radar.

This is Cagraray Island in Albay, which is home to Misibis Bay, a high-end resort offering a unique balance of luxury and adventure for all its guests.

A media familiarization trip by the Department of Tourism in 2016 brought Traveling Journo Ph to the premier property and experience paradise.

Cagraray Island in Albay, which is home to Misibis Bay, a resort slash paradise.

Luxurious, indulgent

At the heart of Misibis Bay’s luxurious feel is a personalized service that begins at arrival. A friendly staff welcomes guests to the lobby and prepares for them everything that is needed for check in.

Then, guests are brought to their rooms via a golf cart. To fully settle in, they can ask for a complimentary foot spa from the resort’s trained therapists. This reception always leaves a memorable mark to Misibis Bay first-timers. As for returning guests, they will be treated just the same, and even better. This is because their needs are already anticipated by the staff.

As part of its welcome, the resort’s trained therapists give guests a complimentary foot spa after check in.

The resort creates more indulgences for all its guests. On top of the list is “Cocktails at the 5 Views” that takes you to a picturesque setting overlooks the Mayon, a lake and rolling hills. There, the resort sets up a cozy picnic place with its own private mini-bar where a personal bartender concocts signature cocktails.

The resort arranges a private dining at a secluded cove where a chef grills the freshest catch of the day.

While Cocktails at the 5 Views is perfect for couples, recommended for families is a private lunch at the secluded Luyang beach cove, which is accessible through a 15-minute motorboat ride. Here, a chef grills the freshest catch of the day, while waiters serves the newly cooked food straight to the plates. At the cove, kids swim while the adults lounge at the beach.

Fun, adventurous

Misibis Bay also encourages its guests to embark on adventures showcasing the best of Bicol’s eco-tourism, at the center of which is the majestic Mayon Volcano.

Start with a Legazpi day-tour that goes to Cagsawa Ruins and the Lignon Hill, the most popular vantage points to views the perfect cone volcano. There is also a thrilling choice, which is an ATV tour to the volcano’s famous lava wall at the Bonga Gully.

At the center of Bicol’s eco-tourism sites is the majestic Mayon Volcano.

After fully appreciating the beauty of Mt. Mayon, guests can continue with cave and waterfall explorations. Either go spelunking at Pototan Cave, or be enchanted with Vera falls. Why not do both?

During peak season, Misibis Bay can also arrange a whale shark interaction tour to the nearby island province of Donsol.

An array of activities like jet ski and para-sailing will keep the adrenaline of guests rushing. 

But even just inside the property, there is an array of activities that will keep adrenaline rushing. Ride the high-powered jet ski, balance while paddle surfing, leisurely paddle on the kayak, speed away at aboard the banana boat, and for the most challenging activity, try wind surfing!

By land, Misibis Bay takes guests to the Eco-Energy Park for an exhilarating zip-line ride. There is more room for play by going around the resort on board a Segway.

And so, this calls for extended summer! Time to head on to Cagraray Island and be treated at Misibis Bay.

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